Ground Breaking for the 1893 Land Run Historical Center

Groundbreaking - September 27-2014 - Medford

Artist rendition

Saturday, September 27, 2014 the 1893 Land Run Historical Center Board of Directors official held their ground breaking ceremony for the new educational and historical museum building.  The building site is located at the northwest corner of Cherokee Street and U. S. Highway, downtown Medford.

               Mr. Jim Reese, Secretary of State of Oklahoma Agriculture Department and a member of Governor May Fallin’s cabinet was the guest speaker.

               The Board of Directors includes Brad Mennem, President; June Frieouf, Vice-President; Mark Bramlett, Treasurer; Tyler Kretchmar, Secretary; Jim Kilian, LeRoy Boyer and Robert Haddican. 

Boyer said that seventy-five percent (75%) of the funds have been raised and thanked everyone who has contributed to the center.  There are 100 Founding Lifetime members.  Additionally, anyone can become a “Member” for $25 and is a person of good moral character and shares an interest in the objectives of The 1893 Land Run Historical Center. 

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