Deer Creek Reap Grant CompletionDeer Creek, OK REAP Grant Completion

District 2 Commissioner Cindy Bobbitt wrote and submitted a cost sharing REAP Grant in late 2012.  NODA awarded the project in 2013 in the amount of $57,375.00 with the county providng in-kind services of $20,000.00 in equipment and labor.

In 1996, the Oklahoma Legislature created the Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) grant program. This program makes funding available to rural communities with populations less than 7,000 and priority given to those with fewer than 1,500. Projects primarily include publicly owned infrastructure such as water, sewer, fire protection, streets, drainage, etc. This program is administered through the Northern Oklahoma Development Authority (NODA) eight county area. 

Bobbitt said, “Priority was given to increase the safety of these streets that serves the 130 plus residents and their community businesses and organizations.” 

Over 30 street blocks were improved with shale first to provide a road base and then rocked.  District 2 road crew hauled, spread and packed the material to provide an all-weather road surface.

“Safe, maintained roads will provide job security for Deer Creek commercial and agriculture business and their employees,” Bobbitt said. “And may even provide economic growth by attracting new businesses and new residents during the increased oil and gas production activity.”