County Clerk Embraces New Technology

The Grant County Clerk’s office has updated their technology! With a new computer for the clerk and each deputy, a new work station has been added for the reception of documents. It allows for immediate dispersal of receipts and same day return of documents.

As County Clerk Sherri Eulberg explains, “The goal of this updated system is to ensure the citizens of Grant County get quick, streamlined, and cost efficient service.”

The Clerk’s office is now accepting documents through Simplifile, an e-recording service that allows them to scan the original documents to create a digital image, which is electronically transferred for review and recording. With this new service, it allows for faster recording, streamlined document workflow, increased document security, and reduced paper, postage, check-writing expenses, fuel, time, and payment errors.

A long term goal for the office comprises of utilizing the new work station to scan all of the older documents for viewing on and adding view only stations for the public for record review.


County Clerk Sherri Eulberg using new work station in the clerk's office.

Left to right: Alexandra Henry-Deputy
Purchasing Agent, County Clerk Sherri Eulberg, Mindy Cink-First Deputy
Land Records