Rich or Poor, Urban or Rural, Counties Matter
Bobbitt Participates in the Columbus Metropolitan Club Forum

Across this nation, county governments touch our lives every day.  They are at the forefront of many of the issues of our time, ranging from preparing for disasters to maintaining transportation infrastructure; running effective elections to preserving legal records, and everything in between.

Cindy Bobbitt, Grant County Oklahoma Commissioner, shared the stage with colleagues from the National Association of Counties’ at the Columbus Metropolitan Club (CMC) forum recently in Columbus Ohio.  Participants in the forum included Matthew Chase, executive director, National Association of Counties (NACo), John O’Grady, Franklin County Ohio Commissioner and hosted by Barbara Carmen, journalist, The Columbus Dispatch.  The topic of discussion was “Rich or Poor, Urban or Rural, Counties Matter”.

Bobbitt said, “This forum created a unique opportunity for a community with a population of 1.25 million to see that a county with a population of a mere 4500 not only provides the same types of county services but face similar issues, with financial budgets being the number one difficulty.”

The CMC provides a forum for open, non-partisan discussion about issues of community development, legal matters, environmental issues, political topics and other subjects of concern to the Central Ohio community.  Forums always include ample time for unsolicited, random questions from the audience.

Picture L to R:  Sponsor Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) Matt Greenson, CMC chair Mo Wright, speakers John O’Grady, Cindy Bobbitt, Barb Carmen, Matthew Chase, sponsor Dispatch Media Group (DMG) Brad Harmon and CMC CEO Jane Scott.