Flag Retirement Boxes

By Brandon Fetters
December 05, 2016

Medford, OK – Free flag retirement boxes have been provided to Grant County through a partnership with the National Flag Foundation, National Association of Counties, and the National Sheriffs Association. These free flag retirement boxes have been provided to member counties. The boxes are available to anyone who would like to properly retire their U.S., Oklahoma, or POW flags. The program started in July at pilot sites in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina before expanding to Grant County. Flag protocol requires proper disposal of old or damaged U.S. flags. Flags deposited in the boxes will be collected by Grant County 4-H and retired in a proper retirement ceremony.

About the Flag Retirement Boxes

The Flag retirement boxes are located at the County Courthouse as well as the three county shops.

Courthouse – Box located in main lobby. 112 E. Guthrie RM 104A, Medford, OK, 73759
District 1 Shop- 2005 Elm St., Wakita, OK, 73771
District 2 Shop- 524 N. Front St.,Medford, OK, 73759
District 3 Shop- 416 W. Dogwood, Pond Creek, OK, 73766


To learn more, please contact

Brandon Fetters, Grant County Emergency Management/Safety Director
112 E. Guthrie RM 104A
Office: (580) 395-2214
Cell: (580) 541-1027
Fax: (580) 395-2603