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4-11-2016 Press Release

Grant County Emergency Management and Safety

At the April 11, 2016 Board of County Commissioners meeting, Mr. Jeff Taylor, representing Salt Plains Storage, LLC, presented checks to Grant County officials totaling $1,500.00. These donations were given to the Manchester Volunteer Fire and Grant County Emergency Management Departments as an expression of and special consideration for, assistance during the October 2015 Salt Plains Burnett well incident.

Mr. Taylor stated “Emergency response and preparedness are very important to the Salt Plains Storage facility. We are very appreciative of the efforts and support received from both county departments. A key ingredient to effective emergency response is the process in place with emergency responders, such as yourselves. Salt Plains Storage looks forward to further improving this process with Grant County and other support groups in the area, during 2016 and beyond”.

The town of Manchester also received a donation for the use in Emergency Preparedness, Management and Response.

County Commissioners and Emergency Management officials expressed their warm appreciation for the generosity shown by the Salt Plains Storage facility and for their professional response during the October 2015 incident.


I have been hitting the "dinner circuit" over the past few weeks and have been impressed with the people and organizations I have been meeting with. Each one has a high interest in serving the citizens of Grant County to the best of their ability.

Each organization is understaffed, underpaid (or not at all) and overworked. I am grateful for all of the hard work that is being done on behalf of Grant County and the people who live here. Sometimes, we as everyday citizens go about our lives and don't realize the efforts being made on our part. For the most part these folks get very little thanks for the work they do.

Many thanks for the hospitality from each one of the folks and organizations I have visited. I hope that I have left some information for them and others to use.

I will be continuing to see as many people and organizations as I can and let them know just what an Emergency Manager is supposed to do and hopefully does.

An LEPC meeting was held on Monday night, April 6th at the District 2 offices. Commissioner Bobbitt has graciously allowed the Emergency Management the use of her facilities for meetings and for an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), should we need one. Nominations were held and the following offices were filled: Chair-Jim Shepherd, Vice-Chair-Mike Payne, Secretary-Sherri Eulberg. The next meeting is scheduled for August 17th at the District 2 office Conference Room. All who are interested in participating are strongly encouraged to attend. The more diversity the stronger the planning and execution.

The community of Medford now has two shelters available during severe weather outbreaks. Should a Tornado Watch be announced the shelters will be unlocked and available to the public for shelter. Please understand that Grant County is held harmless from any injuries that may result in the use of the shelters. A shelter was delivered to the District 1 office and District 3 office. They are FEMA shelters that we had delivered to Grant County. They hold 34 people each and are rated to withstand winds up to 250 mph. Should you have any questions, please call the EM office.

Thanks, Rich