Commissioner Resolutions - 2019

Resolution 133-2019 Safety Awards
Resolution 132-2019 Increase of county Employee Salaries-Decrease of Elected Officials annual Salary - increase of Statutory Travel FY 2019-2020
Resolution 131-2019 Allocation of Funds by Emergency Services Assoc. (ESA) FY 2019-2020
Resolution 130-2019 Final Movement of Appropriations for FY 2019-2020
Resolution 129-2019 Void
Resolution 128-2019 Void
Resolution 127-2019 Disposing of 2016 Mack Truck #D.302.96
Resolution 126-2019 Disposing of 2016 Mack Truck #D.302.95
Resolution 125-2019 Disposing of 2016 Mack Truck #D.302.94
Resolution 124-2019 Disposing of 2016 Mack Truck #D.302.93
Resolution 123-2019 Disposing of Equipment 2016 Mack Truck
Resolution 122-2019 Declaration of Surplus 2016 Mack TruckResolution 121-2019 Designating Official Bd Member to Circuit Engineering District 8
Resolution 120-2019 Interlocal Agreement for Circuit Engineering District
REsolution 119-2019 Authorizing App for Financial Assis from REAP Fund
Resolution 118-2019 Disposing of Equipment John Deere Motor Grader Model JD672GP
Resolution 117-2019 Disposing of Equipment Cat Motor GraderResolution 116-2019 Disposing of Equipment John Deer Motor Grader
Resolution 115-2019 Disposing of Equipment Grease Hose ReelResolution 114-2019 Disposing of Equipment Hp ComputerResolution 113-2019 Declaration of Surplus 1999 Atoka Lowboy Trailer
Resolution 112-2019 Declaration of surplus Grease hose ReelResolution 111-2019 Declaration of Surplus HP Computer D3
Resolution 110-2019 Disposing of Equipment 2012 Laptop
Resolution 109-2019 Declaration of surplus 2012 Laptop D2
Resolution 108-2019 Grant County 401(a) Plan and Summary of Plan provisions
Resolution 107-2019 Disposing of Election Board Front Counter & Desk Area.
Resolution 106-2019 Declaration of Surplus - Election Bd. Front Counter with Desk area & Shelves.
Resolution 105-2019 Personnel Services Agreement
Resolution 104-2019 CO. Rd Mach. & Equip. Revolving FundResolution 103-2019 EC 2105 Bridge Inspection
Resolution 102-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 101-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 100-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 99-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 98-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 97-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 96-2019 Lease Renewal
Resolution 95-2019 Mutual Aid Town of Wakita
Resolution 94-2019 Interlocal Governmental Agreement - Town of Wakita
Resolution 93-2019 Mutual Aid Town of Pond Creek
Resolution 92-2019 Interlocal Governmental Agreement - Town of Pond Creek

Resolution 91-2019

Resolution 90-2019

Resolution 89-2019 Mutual Aid Town of Medford
Resolution 88-2019 Interlocal Governmental Agreement - Town of Medford
Resolution 87-2019 Mutual Aid Town of Manchester
Resolution 86-2019 Interlocal Governmental Agreement - Town of Manchester
Resolution 85-2019 Mutual Aid Town of Lamont
Resolution 84-2019 Interlocal Governmental Agreement - Town of Lamont
Resolution 83-2019 Mutual Aid Town of Jefferson
Resolution 82-2019 Interlocal Governmental Agreement - Town of Jefferson
Resolution 81-2019 Mutual Aid Hawley Fire Department
Resolution 80-2019 Mutual Aid Town of Deer Creek
Resolution 79-2019 Interlocal Governmental Agreement - Town of Deer Creek
Resolution 78-2019 Interlocal Agreement with Contiguous Counties Noble County
Resolution 77-2019 Interlocal Agreement with contiguous Counties Kay County
Resolution 76-2019 Interlocal Agreement with contiguous Counties Garfield County
Resolution 75-2019 Interlocal Agreement with contiguous Counties Kay County
Resolution74-2019 ACCO SIG Annual Resolution
Resolution 73-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 72-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 71-2019 Diaster Emergency Proclamation
Resolution 70-2019 Designation of legal Publication
Resolution 69-2019 50%Teporary Appropriations FY 2019-2020
Resolution 68-2019 Money Movement
Resolution 67-2019 Designation of all County Depository Bank
Resolution 66-2019 Designation of Country Depository BankResolution 65-2019 Designation of Budget Maker
Resolution 64-2019 Reimbursement to Election Board
Resolution 63-2019 Election Bd Payroll
Resolution 62-2019 Renewal of Lease Purchase Agreements
Resolution 61-2019 Investment of all Interest
Resolution 60-2019 Reimbursement to General & Cash fundsResolution 59-2019 Random Drug Testing
Resolution 58-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 57-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 56A-2019 Retirement Contributions
Resolution 56-2019 Retirement Contribution
Resolution 55-2019 Interlocal Agreement
Resolution 54-2019 Execute Agreement
Resolution 53-2019 Disaster Emergency Proclamation
Resolution 52-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 51-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 50-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 49-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 48-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 47-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 46-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 45-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 44-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 43-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 42-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 41-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 40-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 39-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 38-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 37-2016 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 36-2016 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 35-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 34-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 33-2019 Disposal of Equipment
Resolution 32-2019 Disposal of Equipment
Resolution 31-2019 Disposal of Equipment
Resolution 30-2019 Emergency & Transportation Revolving, ETR Fund
Resolution 29-2019 Disposing of Equipmnt
Resolution 28-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 27-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 26-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 25-2019 Declartion of Surplus
Resolution 24-2019 Project Agreement for Bridge & ApproachesResolution23-2019 for Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 22-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 21-2019 Proclamation Natl Co. Govt Month
Resolution 20-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 19-2019 Declartion of Surplus
Resolution 18-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 17-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 16-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 15-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 14-2019 Establishment of CBRI Fund -Restricted Account
Resolution 13-2019 Establisment of ETR Funds ContingenciesResolution 12-2019 Programing Resolution D-3
Resolution 11-2019 Programing Resolution D-3
Resolution 10-2019 Programing Resolution D-3
Resolution 9-2019 CIRB Advanced construction Agreement D-1
Resolution 8-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 7-2019 Declaration of Surplus Assesors OfficeResolution 6-2019 Declaration of Surplus
Resolution 5-2019 Surplus of Graders
Resolution 4-2019 Surplus of Graders
Resolution 3-2019 Election of Directors - Free Fair
Resolution 2-2019 Disposing of Equipment
Resolution 1-2019 Canceled