CPR Classes Held Recently

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes were recently held in Grant County during the nation’s celebration of County Government Month. Pat Ronck, County Commissioner for District 3, during a Board of County Commissioners meeting asked the county Emergency Manager if he could become qualified to teach the course.

Upon qualifying to instruct the course and with authorization by the Board of County Commissioners, county Emergency Manager Rich Donaldson ordered equipment and scheduled classes. So far, 20 employees have been trained, with more classes being offered in the future. The goal is to have all employees of Grant County trained by October said Donaldson. He also stated that this “is an important part of the overall readiness of Grant County employees to be able to respond if needed in emergency situations. The Commissioners believe safety and readiness is of great importance and I ‘m grateful for their support of this program”. Successful trainees of the program will be certified for a period of two years.

Richard Donaldson,
Grant County Emergency Manager


Email: grantcountyem@gmail.com