Grant County, August 6th, 2015 –Grant County employees and Grant County received safety awards during the recent County Commissioners Safety Conference sponsored by the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma (ACCO). The conference was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman.       

State Labor Commissioner Mark Costello addressed the conference and helped present the awards.  Commissioner Costello commented, "The safety program implemented by the Association of County Commissioners has been very successful at reducing injuries in county employees.  The Oklahoma Department of Labor is committed to working with ACCO to prevent accidents and promote workplace safety."

Harvey Bush, Cathy Ebert and Marilyn Wirtz were recognized for going over 20 years with Grant County without a reportable injury.  It is the goal of every county to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees.  Recognizing employees that meet their goal of zero injuries helps raise awareness of the importance of local safety programs.  Improved awareness has resulted in fewer accidents and has reduced workers comp premiums in many counties.  Over 100 county employees receive awards each year across Oklahoma, recognizing their accomplishment of twenty or more continuous years of employment without an injury.  It is the goal of ACCO to provide assistance to counties to further reduce accidents and injuries, and to provide a safe workplace for each employee. 

Grant County received an award for having one of the best loss histories in the state.  ACCO recognized 5 counties with the best loss histories in the workers compensation self-insured program.  Two “top county” safety awards are given each year at the commissioner’s annual conference.  Grant County won the money.  The first award is for recognizing counties with the lowest losses for the most current year.  The county receives a plaque recognizing their effort.  The second award, which Grant County won, is for counties maintaining the best ratio from last year.  If a county achieves this distinction, they are awarded a $1,000 reimbursement of their workers compensation premium.   The constituents of Grant should be proud of their county employees.  Not only have they earned a reimbursement of $1,000 in premium, their losses are what helps determine their base premium.  By implementing an effective safety and loss control program and reducing the frequency and severity of their incidents, they reduce their annual premium.  This allows tax payer dollars to be used for other services. 
Pictured presenting and receiving the check is Grant County District 2 Commissioner Cindy Bobbitt and District 3 Commissioner Patrick Ronck along with the Chairman of the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma SIF/SIG Self Insured Boards, Brad Raven of Beaver County.  Pictured receiving the individual awards is State Labor Commissioner Mark Costello, Grant County Commissioner Cindy Bobbitt and ACCO Vice President and Pontotoc County Commissioner Gary Starns.
The Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma is a non-profit, educational organization designed to assist commissioners and other elected county officials in the improved performance of government.

The following individuals were recognized for their years of service without an injury:

The awards will be handed to the employees on September 21, by the Board of County Commissioners.






25 Yr



20 Yr



20 Yr