Grant County Oklahoma District 2

Grant County District 1 BuildingThe District 2 shop is located at:
524 N. Front St.
Medford OK  73759
Shop Phone: (580) 395-2859


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District 2 911 Map


FHWA peer exchange maps new ways to roadway safety

Each year, American roads take almost six times the number of lives lost during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the National Safety Council, the 2016 death toll alone on public roads crossed 40,000.  These are not mere statistics; these are our neighbors, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, co-workers and friends.  The deaths are linked to human error, bad roads, technology-distracted drivers and drivers impaired by drugs and alcohol. Continued

Rich or Poor, Urban or Rural, Counties Matter
Bobbitt Participates in the Columbus Metropolitan Club Forum

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Congressman Lucas Presents Commissioner Bobbitt with a US Flag Flown over the US Capitol

Cindy Bobbitt, Grant Count Commissioner, has been presented with the flag of the United States of America that was flown over the United States Capitol on June 6, 2017. At the request (More)


Grant County District 2 Commissioner Cindy Bobbitt Testifies before Congress February 15, 2017

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Grant County 2016 Aspire Award Recipient

Grant County received first place in the 2016 Aspire Award presented during the National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference held in Los Angeles County California July 22-26. More

Left to Right: Bill Jasien - NACo FSC Chair, Bryan Desloge - President national Association of Counties, Cindy Bobbitt Grant County Commissioner Dist. 2, Rob Bilo - Nationwide VP of Business Development and Relationship management.

CPR Classes Held Recently

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes were recently held in Grant County during the nation’s celebration of County Government Month. Pat Ronck, County Commissioner for District 3, during a Board of County Commissioners meeting asked the county Emergency Manager if he could become qualified to teach the course. More

Oklahoma State Legislature Proclaims County Government Week

Both the Oklahoma House of Representatives and Oklahoma Senate passed resolutions this week to proclaim April 11-15, 2016, as County Government Week. The resolutions were made in recognition of county government and the services provided by county government. More

Grant County officers met with State Rep. John Pfeiffer at the Oklahoma State Capitol during County Government Week.

Pictured L to R: District 3 Commissioner Pat Ronck, Clerk Sherri Eulberg, District 2 Commissioner Cindy Bobbitt, Rep. John Pfeiffer, and Treasurer Penny Dowell.


U.S. Congressman Frank Lucas tours Grant County federal transportation project


Grant County District #2 wins $1000

Rep. Lucas Meets with Grant County Commissioners to Discuss Transportation Issues

ALS 5 gallon Ice Bucket Challenge

Deer Creek REAP Grant Completion

Town of Lamont, Oklahoma Spring Festival


Commissioner Cindy Bobbitt - Grant County Commissioner Cindy Bobbitt

Commissioner Bobbitt was elected to office Jan. 1, 2005. Her term expires Dec. 31, 2020.

District 2 maintains more than 160 bridges and more than 600 miles of road.

OFFICE: (580) 395-2859
CELL PHONE: (580) 541-8950